CBAP 103: Certified Blockchain

Audit Professional


Course Overview

The CBAP consists of 3 parts
Part I: Induction Seminar: Blockchain - The Game Changer

The Part 1 is an induction seminar that will take the participants deep into the technology behind the block chain and crypto - economics. This 3-days mandatory seminar provides the foundation for the forthcoming workshop series that the participants are required to complete in order to gain their certified status as blockchain audit professionals. At the end of the 3-days seminar, the participants are required to complete a self assessment on understanding of key concepts in blockchain technology and related audit processes and protocols.

Part II: Blockchain Technology Workshops

A total of 30,2-days workshops are available. Participants are required to select and register for 12 hands-on workshops and complete all related assignments, presentations, discussions, brainstorming sessions that are part of the workshops. At the end of each 2-days workshop, a self assessment session is to be completed. All 12 hands-on workshops are to be completed within 6 months from the registration date of the Induction Seminar.

Final Examination: 3 hours open-book examination based on use cases and industry case studies

Part III: Project Paper / White Paper

A project paper/ white paper is to be submitted within three weeks upon completion of the last workshop.

Eligibility to Apply


Successful participants will receive an offer letter / email from DNA within 14 days of application

Intake Date


HRDF Claimable

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