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Malaysia to Regulate Initial Coin Offerings,
Cryptocurrency Trade

Malaysia will regulate initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the trade of cryptocurrencies, the finance minister said in a statement on Monday. The minister said an order to recognize digital currencies and digital tokens as securities will come into force on Jan. 15, under the regulation of the Securities Commission Malaysia...

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Malaysia Set to Impose Harsh New ICO
And Cryptocurrency Laws

The Malaysian government is regulating initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency trading. According to a statement issued by Lim Guan Eng, the country’s Minister of Finance, launching unauthorized ICOs or participating in the exchange of digital goods could result in a 10-year jail term and a $2,4 million (RM 10 million fine)...

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Malaysian Cryptocurrency Regulation
to Classify Digital Assets, Tokens as Securities

The Malaysian finance minister, Lim Guan Eng, reportedly said today that the Capital Markets and Services Order 2019 would become effective on Jan. 15. According to Reuters, the new regulation classifies digital currencies, tokens and crypto-assets as securities, placing them under the Securities Commission’s authority...

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Will Blockchain Replace Existing Payment Platforms?
Experts Square Off

Will blockchain replace today's payment platforms? A pair of experts from opposite sides of the issue shared their views during the recent Money20/20 conference. And while the session was structured as a debate, the presenters agreed that blockchain technology's role continues to evolve, particularly with regard to transaction settlement...

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